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Album Reviews :: Me in a million – Still In The Balance

Band: Me in a million – Still In The Balance
Label: Redfield Records
Release: Out Now
Review geschreven door Tom Leroy


The Album:

Me In A Million is a young, German post-hardcore band. ‘Still In The Balance’ is their debut with which they hope to gain international fame and glory. The ambitious band plays a mix of the classical post-hardcore sound and electronic segments.

This all sounds very promising on paper. In reality, however, the cards are dealt differently. The formula that Me In A Million uses in writing their music has been used so many times that we could talk of “cliché post-hardcore” instead of “classical post-hardcore”. The tracks featured on ‘Still In The Balance’ are all characterized by the alternation between cleans, screams, breakdowns and electronics. The build-up of the songs is very predictable and seemingly uninspired. The electronics sound superfluous. The producer must have had either a rough hangover or a really bad day when he was mixing the snaredrum, because its disturbing sound almost drowns the rest of the instruments. The choruses, all sung clean in a very poppy fashion, sound juvenile. The breakdowns should serve as a counterweight to the choruses, but because every song has about three or four of them, they lose their force. It is clear that the band tries to mirror the icons of the genre, such as A Day To Remember, but they lack the balls to attain that level.

Not everything is bad about ‘Still In The Balance’. There are times when the guitars aren’t chugging during the verses when the riffing is quite good. This is the case in opening track “The Rest Is Silence”, for example. The clean vocals an sich are powerful and have a beautiful timbre. They could, at times, make one think at Charnas of Ice Nine Kills.


Me In A Million should start calling themselves Me Of A Million, because what they achieve on ‘Still In The Balance’ has been done countless times before and the scene more than saturated with this kind music. The band does not impress with any of the ten songs featured on the record. Nevertheless, it is this genre that is very popular nowadays. In other words, it is not unthinkable that they will be liked by emotional teen girls and adolescent guys.


1. The Rest Is Silence
2. PaniK
3. Get Real Or Die Tryin'
4. Wide Awake (feat. Lou Miceli & Mindless X2 of Palisades)
5. The Warning (feat. Cameron Mizell)
6. These Mountains (feat. Tyler Carter of Issues)
7. Atlas
8. The Life Of Others
9. Disappear (feat. Shawn Christmas and Jeffrey Wellfare of Capture The Crown)
10. Brave It Out




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