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Interviews :: Interview met Ginger Fish (Rob Zombie)

Op dinsdag 1 juli maakte de horror rock show van Rob Zombie weer een stop in  Nederland voor een zaalshow. Dit keer deed de band TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht aan. Rob Zombie bracht onlangs eindelijk een DVD uit, getiteld “The Zombie Horror Picture Show”, en  met een nieuw album in het vooruitzicht, was er dan ook meer dan genoeg te vragen. Ik ging op dinsdag 1 juli dan ook vroeg richting TivoliVredenburg om drummer Ginger Fish een aantal vragen te stellen.

Interview door Jessica Santiago Lopez
Review en foto’s van de show van Rob Zombie in TivoliVredenburg zijn hier te vinden

Q: How’s the European tour been going so far? Any cool highlights from this run or any shows that really stand out?
G: OK. I don’t really remember from day to day, they’re pretty much the same to me. I enjoyed Graspop (Metal Meeting), which was a couple of days ago and the others I don’t really remember the shows. I know there was Pinkpop and Download, but everything else is a blur, like in between those things. I remember Pinkpop because of all those pink things lying around, but I don’t remember anything about the show. I just remember being there.

Q: Tonight you’re playing here in Utrecht and it’s a smaller venue than you guys are usually used to. Are there any changes you guys have to do to the show for a small sized show liked this?
G:  Well, I don’t really know what the band is going to do from day to day. If I’d had to say anything for a fact, I would say that we’re going to play a longer set than we play at a festival, because at a festival we only have like an hour or something. So here, depending on the curfew and how long they say we can play and until what time we can make noise, we could pull off almost anything. They don’t really let everything out, because that would kill some of the spontaneity of the show. I’m just like a sitting duck like everyone else, sitting there like what’s going to happen next, what are they going to do next. Rob will walk over to John and whisper something in his ear and I’m like a million miles away. I don’t know what the hell is going on, haha.

Q: So you’re the last one to hear it.
G: Yeah! John will start to play something and then I’ll pick up on it and be like “oh yeah, that’s what we’re doing” so. Otherwise it’s a blur basically. There are good days and there are bad days and hopefully this will be a good day. I said...where was I?....Probably Graspop yeah, it was a couple of days back, but I had an umbrella inside and I was like “this is bad luck”. I was like, I’m so doomed, because I opened that umbrella. I said like, if something goes wrong, it’s my fault and Rob was like, “well..we’ll know if something goes wrong it’s your fault, it’s always your fault” haha. Nothing went wrong though, so I was lucky.

Q: It’s been over a year now since the release of ‘Venomenous Rat Regeneration Vendor’.  How do you look back on the whole recording, releasing and touring cycle of that record?
G: Again, it’s been a big blur. It came and it went so fast. I’m like the type of person that takes everything on its time, but Rob, he’s just move, move, move. His motor is a lot quicker than mine, so he gets things done a lot quicker than I do. It just becomes a big blur to me. He has like 3 other projects going on with this and everything else, but all I think of is just banging on a drum, that’s all I really worry about. It comes and goes so quickly.

Q: The “Zombie Horror Picture Show” DVD  is out now. What can fans expect to see on it, for those who haven’t seen it yet ?
G: That’s a hard question, because fans who haven’t seen the band, talk the most shit on the internet. So, to say you see this or see that. You know, people make up so much shit. I’ve seen so many stories about Satan worshipping and sacrifices on stage, things that have never even occurred.  But Rob being a moviemaker for many, many years, he’s got experience making films. So to see a concert film that is done by a professional, it’s going to be a big difference than just going to see a concert film that someone just decided to film. So this is an unique experience. I wouldn’t say it’s only just some visual thing, because when I listen to it, the energy is so high, that it kind of blows me away as I’m watching it as well. I don’t remember the feeling or the sense of the show, but by watching this, I also get to feel it again. I want to think that when people watch it, they kind of get a sense of the feeling of being there. I hope that’s what they get, instead of what do they take from it or what do they remember from it. I had such a strong feeling, that I had to call Rob and say like “Holy shit, it feels so good to watch this!”.

Q: There’s also the tour book that was released along side of this, but since we can’t really get it here easily, some fans might not have heard from it or not know what’s inside of it. So can you tell us a bit more about it and where could fans get it from?
G: There’s a lot of shots in there. A lot of candid backstage shots that you wouldn’t see normally. There’s some camaraderie with others that come out to see us and that we take photos with. Rob (Fenn), he’s out with us right now, he takes thousand and thousand of photos. So he picked the very best. There were so many prints that never even made the book, and he’s constantly building on it I don’t know if that means that there is a second book coming out or not, but yeah. I like the book and the DVD because it’s a time and place. Rob (Zombie) toured for many many years, but never had a film out. Now the DVD’s here and it actually marks a time and place that I was also a part of. Same thing with the book, that I was actually a part of as well. That makes it even more special. It’s actually a fun time now, the band is having fun and we’re all a big family, so it’s cool.

Q:  It’s been around 4 years since you joined the band. How’s this experience been for you so far, coming from Marilyn Manson in to Rob Zombie?
G: It’s been a great experience. Being in Manson,’re young and playing around, screwing off all the time, you’re a kid just enjoying stuff. When I joined Zombie I grew up. You had to put all your childish toys away and you have to become a man, an adult. The Manson camp burned through everything basically. The Zombie camp is all sane, normal; everyone is married in the band, so it’s all just very normal and well thought out. There’s not a lot of waste. If something’s around, it’s needed.
Backstage for example it’s ying and yang, heaven and hell, complete opposites.
So yeah, the easy way to put it is that with Manson, I was a child having fun and then I had to grow up one day, and that’s the difference.   Of course now that I’m an adult, I hope I’ll never be a kid again. I guess we’ll see what’s the next chapter that I end up beeing, haha.

Q: I’ve read that you guys have already started working on a new record. Is there anything you can tell us about it?
G: I really don’t know much about what is going on with it right now. Rob’s been working on some stuff at home and I think John’s gone over, because we’re east coast-west coast, to track some stuff with him and to come up with ideas. I haven’t gotten involved with the writing of the new album yet. I’ve heard what they’ve been working on so far, but there’s no telling what the album is going to sound like. Every album cycle is different. For one album a band can decide to all go in to one house and write it together, which can take a lot of time, other bands will sit at home with a computer, a drum machine, programs and stuff like that, and they’ll spend a year writing before everyone gets together to work on it. So I can’t say too much about the new album, because I don’t know what will end up happening or how the next one is going to be, versus the last one.  So, we shall see!

Q: So what other plans are there for 2014, with Rob working on the new movie and all that?
G: Yeah, I think we’ve got 4 more shows left here in Europe. After that we’ll go home for a couple of weeks and then we’ll do some radio festivals in the States. In August we’ll have off and in September we’ll do the States again and Rob’s got The Great American Nightmare, a horror convention thing, that he has put on last year for the first time.  It’s moving this year as well. That’s just a whole spectacle. You’ve got all the old Zombie props, big and small, he’s got a horror house from...I think it’s going to be The Devil’s Rejects this year, but last year it was House of 1000 Corpses i think. And then the Lords of Salem Total Black Out.  It’s a spectacle! I think he’ll try to move it yearly to different places, so that everyone can get to enjoy it. After that we’ll be off and I think that that is when Rob will go in to pre-production for his movie. It might be one of the first year that we won’t be touring through Halloween.  After the movie will be finished, I think we’ll go right in to recording the album stuff so. This year has gone flying by as well.  2015 will be really, because like I said, we’ve got an album coming out, so we will bombard trough that with touring or whatever. We’ll try to get to a lot of countries that Rob has never actually played before. So yeah, maybe 2015 will have some interesting excursions.

Q: Cool. I also know that a lot of fans here would love to see The Great American Nightmare over here in Europe as well...
G: Yeah, I don’t know if they could do it over here, just from the point of transporting it all. You’re talking about bringing over 3 full houses full of props and stuff, I can’t even imagine the amount of work they put in to it. But hey, who says drummers are right? I could be completely wrong, haha. What if Rob decided he wants to have it in Paris or Amsterdam one year? There are plenty of spooky buildings to use, haha.

Q: Yeah, well it be cool anyways! Well, my last question, do you have any message for your fans over here?
G: I’d say thanks for coming out! Come out to the shows and enjoy the party! One thing the Zombie camp is, is it’s always a fun time, it’s always a party. Which is kind of funny, because people say I’m always smiling and I’m like, I’m not smiling! I try to make that big mean grunt face, like always beating things. And then everyone online is like Ginger is the happiest drummer in the world, he’s always smiling. So I’m like, that’s not really a smile! But then again it maybe is, maybe. I’m just only happy on stage. When I’m off stage...I’m a little corky, so maybe I’m not so corky when I’m on stage, haha. So yeah, I’d say come out to the shows! 



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