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Interviews :: Interview met Amaranthe

Amaranthe, een band waarvan de muziek beschreven wordt als een fusie van melodic death metal, eurodance, pop en industrial, komt  20 oktober met zijn derde plaat ‘Massive Addictive’. De review van het album is hier te vinden. Metalkrant greep gelijk de kans om zanger Jake E. en zangeres Elize Ryd te interviewen. Zo weten we nu o.a. waarop het nummer “Drop Dead Cynical”  gebaseerd is en veel meer!

Interview door Michelle Henriquez

Q: Recently,  Amaranthe  released  its  newest  single   “Drop  Dead  Cynical”,  to  promote  the  upcoming  album  ‘Massive  Addictive’. Can  you  tell  us  what  the  lyrical  and  musical  idea  behind  the  song  “Drop  Dead  Cynical”  is?      

 JAKE: The whole song is so cool in the way that the catchy-ness lies in the guitar riff instead of as what we usually do, when we put it in the chorus. The lyrical theme is about someone that is beyond cynical. I refer to Diogenes in the second verse. For those that don’t know who he was, I’ll tell you a short story here!

  "Diogenes was relaxing in the sunlight in the morning. Alexander the Great, thrilled to meet the famous philosopher, asked if there was any favour he might do for him. Diogenes replied, "Yes, stand out of my sunlight". Alexander then declared, "If I were not Alexander, then I should wish to be Diogenes", to which Diogenes replied, "If I were not Diogenes, I should also wish to be Diogenes.

Q:  How  did  you  guys  come  up  with  the  name  ‘Massive  Addictive’?  What  was  the  reason  to  leave the  suffix  –ly  out  (Massive  instead  of  Massively)?  

 JAKE: We like to play around with words. Same thing in “Drop Dread Cynical “, when we sing "Incapability" instead of unable or uncapable. We always get comments from people about that haha, like, you should have someone checking the lyrics before you send them in. But the fact is that I first got this idea from when In Flames released the ‘Whoracle’ album. ‘Massive Addictive’ is done in the same way! It can have different meanings depending on where you put the accentuation or punctuation!

Q:  The  new  album  ‘Massive  Addictive’  has  12  songs.  Can  you  tell  us  about  the  creative  process and  the  time  that  went  into  the  making  of  these  songs?  

 JAKE: I can´t really remember when we started the creative process, but I think it was about six or seven months before we entered the studio. We had five or six songs more or less done in February and then we got help from our sponsors AVID, SENNHEISER AND STEINBERG which helped us set up a portable studio on the European tour. We wrote a couple of more songs on the road and the rest was finished and composed in the studio in Denmark.

Q:  Your  music  has  been  tagged  with  a  variety  of  genres  –  melodic  death,  pop,  power  metal,  metalcore,  Eurodance.  How  would  you  describe  Amaranthe’s  music  yourself?  

JAKE: Me personally, I hate to put music in drawers so I have no idea! I call it music.

Q:  Is  there  a  consistent  theme  you  guys  write  about  in  your  lyrics  on  ‘Massive  Addictive’?  What inspires  you  to  write  and  which  of  you  writes  the  lyrics  of  the  songs? 

 JAKE: We have followed a theme on the first two albums, but on this album I focused on separate themes for each and every song. This album is very personal in many ways and it was actually a really hard album for me to put down in words. Olof and me are the ones behind the words, but it´s usually me that takes the responsibility to finish them up.

Q: For  the  newer  fans,  can  you  please  explain  what  the  name  Amaranthe  means  and  how  you chose  that  name  for  the  band?  

Amaranthe means a lot of different things in different languages, but “never fading” is my favourite.     

Q:  Elize,  the  following  2  questions  are  directed  to  you  as  a  singer  of  Amaranthe.  You’ve previously  toured  with  Kamelot  as  a  backup  singer  and  even  sang  with  Nightwish  once  when   they’re  ex-­‐singer  left  unexpectedly.  How did these experiences influence you?    What  did  you   take  from  these  experiences  and  how  did  they  help  you  with  your  role  in  Amaranthe?  

 Elize: I've got an awesome routine of life as a touring artist and the experience to tour with bigger bands. I know how it should be when it's good and where I want Amaranthe.

Q:  How  do  you  generally  experience  being  the  only  female  musician  in  the  band,  and  one  of  the  few  in  this  part  of  the  music  industry?    

 Elize: In general men want to be dominant and I have to fight harder to get my voice heard. But the industry is changing and I am involved in that change right now. I am very happy to be one among few role models for girls in this genre. What's mostly important for me is to make them inspired and proud.

Q: What are your fans typically like?  Do  you  spend  a  lot  of  time  meeting  with  them  in  person?  What kind of feedback do they give you? 

JAKE: Our fans can only be described in one way! THE BEST. We have fans of all different ages coming to our shows and they are so fucking sweet. We try to meet them after the shows as much as we can.

Q:  What  is  next  in  your  plans,  after  releasing  this  new  single  and  the  record?    

Jake: we´re touring right now through the US, together with Within Temptation. After that we fly to Tokyo, then Mexico City and then back to the States for a headline tour before we head home in November. After that it´s some festivals in Europe, some one-off shows and then Christmas. We will do the European leg of the tour in February/March and then we will do the rest of the world and probably another run in the States and Japan.

Q:  When can we expect you to tour in The Netherlands? 

 Jake: I hope that Within Temptation will invite us to come by for a show in the future. That would be amazing, but if not we will see you on the European tour for sure!

Q: Is  there  a  message  you  want  to  leave  for  our  readers  of  Metalkrant  Webzine?   

JAKE: Thanks for all your support and I hope to see you on the road soon!




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