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Interviews :: Interview met Kamelot

De powermetal grootheden van Kamelot waren in oktober in Nederland om zowel hun tour af te sluiten als de verbouwde 013 in Tilburg te openen. De band bracht eerder dit jaar het zeer sterke album ‘Haven’ uit, bijna drie jaar na de release van ‘Silverthorn’, en het leek ons bij Metalkrant dan ook een goed idee om Kamelot eens wat vragen te stellen. Wij spraken met zanger Tommy Karevik over ‘Haven’, de tour, de show in 013 en meer!

Interview door Jessica Santiago Lopez

Q: Hi Tommy, thanks for taking the time. How are you?

Tommy: I’m good! This is the last night of the tour and I think it’s going to be an epic show. It’s a really cool venue and the Dutch people are always a blast to have on the shows. We’ve always had one of our best shows over here.

Q: You had a day off yesterday here in Tilburg. Did you get a chance to enjoy it a little bit?

Tommy: We usually try to take it easy on our days off, so just relaxing and taking it easy. So we didn’t see that much really. But I’ve walked around here before and Tilburg is a really beautiful city, with a lot of food places and bars. Really beautiful, I like it!

Q: This tour has taken you through Europe and Japan as well. How has it all been going so far?

Tommy: Awesome! Every show has been great and we’ve been playing some shows in different places that we haven’t been before. So we’ve been to new territories and all in all it’s been a super cool tour and it’s just really cool to end it here tonight.

Q: Have there been any particular moments that have stood out for you during this tour?

Tommy: The obvious one would be Japan. Just to go there for one or two days and then come back. It’s really exhausting to be frank, but it’s a really cool festival. Loudpark is a really super cool festival. Everyone is perfectly Japanese synchronized. Everyone is into it, really cool. We played in the middle of the day, but still the place was packed. So that’s the thing that probably stood out the most.

Q: Were there any songs from ‘Haven’ that you were really looking forward to playing live?

Tommy: Yeah, I was really looking forward to play “Revolution” and “Liar Liar”. Those are, for me, really for the live audience, because they can sing and go crazy with them. So, those were the two that I was really looking forward to play live. And people really seem to go crazy with those two songs, which is really cool. That just proves that we were right in what we were thinking about with these two songs. For “Revolution” that was the plan, to make it really powerful and have people throwing their fist in the air.

Q: And for “Liar Liar” you actually got Alissa to sing clean vocals again, which was a nice surprise for a lot of people. Did that come naturally during the recording or was it something that you guys planned?

Tommy: We planned to have it. It was fitting for the song to have it and since she was already doing the grunts, instead of having different people and knowing she’s a great singer we just asked her if she wanted to do it and she said yes. She doesn’t sing clean vocals anymore and she really wanted to do it again, so we figured, why not feature that! It’s a really good song and the verse is great!

Q: About the record. It’s been out for a while now, but some people might not have heard it yet. Could you tell a bit more about what the record is all about for those who haven’t given it a spin yet?

Tommy: It’s not a concept album in the sense like ‘Silverthorn’ was, like chronologically ordered and stuff. It’s more a loosely based theme. We were discussing before the album how we wanted to see the band. It’s not really this gothic thing anymore, but we wanted to convey how the world will look in a couple of years, or even now. This dark dystopic world where everyone just cares about themselves. We’re really moving in a wrong direction you know. Everyone is only on their Facebook. Families eating together and looking at their Facebook, very egoistic, very plastic in a way. We wanted to picture that and tell everyone like, let’s go back to the way it was, where we still talked to each other and where we could still feel something, not only through pursuing happiness in the screen of your iPhone you know. That was the idea and then this revolution theme came into picture, and we continued on that. I think the new Kamelot has more of this dystopic, modern look instead of the old, more gothic theme you know. Which I think fits the music to. That is also the whole sound of the album I think, a little bit more modern, but still with that same trademark Kamelot sound.

Q: When you look at the videos for “Insomnia” and “Liar Liar” the whole theme does come through and, of course, they do follow each other up. Did you chose beforehand which songs a video would be made for and in which order you were going to release them?

Tommy: Yeah we already had that in mind when we wrote them. I would say the whole album has that theme feeling, so you could actually pick any song, but we thought that “Insomnia” and “Liar Liar” really fitted together musically and style wise. So those where easy to make videos for. The lyrics also have some things like “the fly on the wall”, which is also seen in both of the videos and makes it easier to connect them. We’ve been very fortunate to have a great video team too, like our team in Serbia, to really give the video the proper atmosphere.

Q: Would you say the theme changes are the biggest differences between ‘Silverthorn’ and ‘Haven’ as well, or?

Tommy: It’s one of the big differences and the other one is the sound. ‘Haven’ is a bit more modern mixed with a little more power, more it’s a little step to the modern side. The videos also reflect this. So all in all, it’s still Kamelot and it still has that Kamelot sound, but it also has a modern touch. That’s the biggest difference I think.

Q: It’s your second album with Kamelot and, I think, the first on which you were a part of the whole creating process as well. What would you say that you brought to the creative process and how was this whole creating cycle like for you?

Tommy: I’ve done this before, so it’s not a new thing for me to create music. For me this was a bigger scale though, with a producer and certain things that had to be done. So it’s a little bit different and harder in a way, but also easier because you learn a lot about yourself and about how things should be done in a professional way when you work with a producer. So, I learned a lot when it comes to that…how I work in the studio and what I need. And we worked really well together and with the producer. It was just a fun experience.  

Q: Back to tonight. Since it’s the last night of the tour, can you give us a little insight in anything special you have planned for the show?

Tommy: We’re going to have pyros, which we only have during bigger shows. So that is going to be special. We have a couple of special guests with us on stage, which is cool. And of course, the special thing is that it’s the first show ever in this rebuild venue. It’s the first show for them and the last show for us. So yeah, it’s going to be cool!

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